Video Development
Video on the web has turned into a huge industry over the last 5-10 years. Just imagine that there are over 2 billion videos being watched on YouTube every day. 35 hours of video can be uploaded to the site every minute. Facebook has over 36 billion photos that have been uploaded.

Content Owners
Now that we know the Internet Video market is bigger than big who will be the next winners in this already crowded space. The owners of quality content and content developers will win the day. Distribution on TV, computers, and mobile devices certainly will play its part. How companies position themselves along with strategic partnerships will most likely increase as well. The decisions on what content to create, where to deliver it and what medium, and what advertisers will select to spend their dollars will direct the markets.

A crucial question now and in the near future is what does the customer need and what will they pay for over and over? These things can change over time but interaction, sharing, cross platform content, and multiple play friendly applications will take center stage if there is any money to be made. The future of video is open to all that engage but one thing is for sure, there are millions of dollars to be made so get out there and give it a try.

Earn Money with Live and Archived Video

How to Make Money in Online Video


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