With a streaming pay per view system you can charge your viewers before they gain access to your content. PPV is a easy way to monetize your content and earn a quick return on your content creation efforts. The quality of the content and cross platform distribution is important, so create and deliver what the markets will buy and your work will make money.

For live events, pay per view technology works great for any high profile event that users can not get to in person. It is a great way to earn extra revenue from sporting events or concerts as you may be dealing with events that are sold out at the venue itself.  It also is a great way to offer distance learning classes. You can even pair it with a chat type service to allow your users to ask questions and give feedback during the class.

For on demand content such as feature movies or training courses, a pay per view system will allow you to simply set it up to let you earn money without further interaction from yourself. You will need to upload your content with a pay per view provider and they will give you purchase links to place on your site for users to purchase. Since all of the payment processing and delivery is automatic you can focus your efforts on promoting the content without having to worry about anything other than making your sales.

There are many avenues you can travel to earn a profit with Pay Per View. A few markets that have been quite successful in doing this include the sporting industry. On line streaming of poker tournaments, baseball and football games, car races and many other events have benefited with a Pay Per View system in place. Find your niche and go out and make it happen. There is an open field of streaming content for profit and it will grow by leaps and bounds over the next few years.


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