Video content has permeated every facet of the digital marketing landscape with potential viewers at every computer screen, mobile phone, digital billboard and television.

Online video production is where the content creation begins. Content is king so the production companies need to continuously create better and more enticing content. The quality of content both artistically and production-wise along with things like special effects, can make or break the salability of the product.

Current Markets
These days there are many industries getting into the video streaming space. Corporate, Broadcast, Training videos, and Web and Viral videos are just a few markets that are growing in the burst of online video consumption. Production companies need to create the content for all viewers on all applications. This means that video content must work on tablets, computers, mobile phones, TV’s, and an array of other devices to stay current and continue to be marketable.

Making Money
The better quality the content is doesn’t mean more money. Many things have to come together to beat out the competitor and make enough money to make it worth the outlay. Sporting events have really begun to pull in the cash for online vendors. The most prevalent events on the web are; poker, pool, baseball and football. It used to be only the big leagues had the clout and the wherewithal to make money but now it matters no more as to the size or location. Everything is game now!

The easiest way to get started in the streaming media online video game is to contact an online streaming media company as we spoke of in earlier conversation. They will have easy setup for all the general streaming needs and add on items such as Pay Per View Technologies.


Hosting Resources

Pay Per View Technology


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