New Technology
There are many hundreds of television networks that put their shows online to promote their own web services to their customers. The now new soon-to-be technology, Google boxes will replace our current set top boxes. TV will have a built in Google TV which will enable full search functionality. An all in one solution with all TV shows available all the time and will integrate everything on the internet as well.

The Google TV advertising system may cut into the multi billion dollars that are spent on current TV advertising which will add to Google’s $24 billion earned by their online advertising platform. The future is near and whether we are ready will only be decided by the effects that these new developments create.

Advantages that web videos have over television videos:

  • Instantly Available: access videos anywhere, at any time of day.
  • Interactive: online videos allow viewers to click on links and take part in conversations. Creates a more personal and interactive feeling.
  • Choosing Specific Videos and Ads: Online viewers are selecting which ad they are ok with, which reflects their specific interests and in turn tells the content owner what to show them.

Big changes in how we view and buy content both on the web and on TV are in our future. Hopefully this will increase our options in accessing content while also reducing our costs to do so. Hosting Service.


Is the Web Finally Ready to Kill Television?

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